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"Make your office sustainable with DCM printing solutions."

Updated: Aug 16, 2022


The responsibility of taking care of and using our planet’s natural resources is the sole responsibility of every human. As we are using the natural resources unsystematically, it fails to control wastage.

The environmental changes of the globe are increasing day by day therefore, taking one eco-friendly step by businesses can make a huge impact on our environment.

A Little Effort Makes a Huge Difference

Over several years, many photocopier and printer manufacturers have been involved in the innovation of creating eco-friendly products. These eco-friendly products are made with the objectives to decrease air pollution, cut down on energy usage, saving consumable costs, and many more benefits.

Hence, DCM provides eco-friendly rental printers/copiers, accessible with many innovations. These innovations incorporate duplex printing, the utilization of printing on recycled medium, printers with a quicker startup, and with energy-saving components. Also, some printers incorporate user management features in which departments can monitor and control their printing habits, therefore, reducing their printing costs.


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