About Us

Digital Copying Management Private Limited (DCM) has been serving a huge number of mid-range to multi-national companies belonging to various industries since 2003, in more than 250 cities nationwide, with top-notch managed print services. DCM aims at providing full facility management services (FM services) to corporate clients throughout Pakistan. We strive to cater our highly valued clients with high-end solutions and implement high-tech ideas, which prove to be immensely beneficial for the company.
Here at DCM we provide a range of Document Management/Multi-function services and solutions all under one roof. With our teams scattered throughout every location in the country, we are able to meet our customer’s increasing requirements at their favorable time. Our systemized ERP system has allowed to remain efficient in the game so that our clients do not have any disruptions or delays in their operations.


We strive to become the best and provide nothing but the best to our customers so that our customers are delighted to work with us for a long-term. We achieved our goals by investing in human capital and by providing cost-effective solutions to our local businesses.


At DCM our vision is to create betterment for our clients. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a range of well-designed, Multi-functional Printing and Documenting solutions at market competitive prices.

Customer Service

It is our top priority to ensure that we are always up and ahead of our customers’ expectations. Performing in a highly competitive environment, it is always customer service along with other vital key elements that make us unique from our competitors.
We have a strong presence in the market in which we operate. Our highly trained and professional staff have matchless expertise in the work we do.


We believe that gaining client’s trust and confidence is the key element into the success of our business. We ensure ethical conduct in all our operations.

Health, Safety and Environment

It is our responsibility that our business operations should be conducted in a specialized manner that protects the health and safety of our stakeholders and the environment.