Managed Print Services

Digital Copying Management (Pvt.) Ltd. proffers all-embracing, top of the line Managed Print Services. Our unparalleled MPS services are tailored to perfectly suit the requirements of businesses of all sorts, operating within any industry.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are services rendered by an extrinsic source to enhance, manage and administer a firm’s document output.
These are services that companies use to subcontract all of their printing/photocopying requirements to a firm that has better expertise in the field and finer knowledge, and that firm in return proffers a notable return on their investment.
Applying only a minimal number of vital modifications, they can immensely change the whole course of work in any given work place.

Why Do You Need MPS?

Incorporating DCM’s managed print services into your company’s workflow offers various advantages:

  • Enhanced efficiency & significant time saving
  • Saving money by curtailing unnecessary expenditures
  • Elevated levels of productivity across the company
  • Increased document protection

Types of Managed Print Services

In order to enhance the way your company runs, managed print services can be used in various ways. DCM offers the following types of print management services:
Cloud Printing Management
Cloud printing is a service that lets you print your documents via any device/gadget on the network. It digitally connects devices like laptops, phones, tablets (etc.) with printer stations, without the hassle of connecting using cables.
Print Vendor Consolidation (PVC)
The procedure of reducing the number of vendors, your business deals with, is essential to streamline your budget and curtail the costs. DCM’s print vendor consolidation allows you to use a single vendor to fulfill all your printing requirements, therefore, you save time, cut costs and eventually save on your budget.
Printer Security Auditing
The security of your valuable data is crucial in todays digital age. Printer security auditing keeps your data secure and protected, identifies and eliminates the weak links and ensures that your data and information is safe at all times.
Digital Document Management (DMS)
A Digital Document Management system is used to maintain, organize and stow the documents digitally, which enhances the efficiency and reduces paper. Digital Copying Management (Pvt.) Ltd. provides its clients with top-tier Digital Document Management services in Pakistan to amplify the performance and escalate the productivity at your work place.

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